Exposition of the Divine Principle

Exposition of the Divine Principle
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Lecture 1  [General Introduction] The Mission of the New Truth
Lecture 2 [Principles of Creation 1] Solving the Fundamental Problems of Life
Lecture 3 [The Principle of Creation 2] A Way of Life Based on God Existence
Lecture 4   [The Principle of Creation 3] The Purpose of Creation and Roadmap of Life
Lecture 5   [The Principle of Creation 4] The Standard of Original Value
Lecture 6   [The Principle of Creation 5] The Process of Creation and Period of Growth
Lecture 7   [The Principle of Creation 6] Living Well and Dying Well
Lecture 8   [Human Fall 1] The Root of Sin
Lecture 9  [Human Fall 2] The Motivation and Process of the Fall
Lecture 10   [Human Fall 3] The reason God did not intervene in the Fall
Lecture 11 Unification Principle's View of History
Lecture 12   [Eschatology 2] The Significance of the Last Days and our Attitude
Lecture 13   [Salvation 3] Salvation through the Crosss
Lecture 14  [Salvation4] John the Baptist and the Second Coming of Elijah
Lecture 15   [Resurrection 1] The Biblical Concept of Life and Death and the Meaning of Resurrection
Lecture 16   [Resurrection 2] How does God carry out his Providence of Resurrection
Lecture 17   [Predestination] The predestination of God will and its fulfillment
Lecture 18   [Christology] Jesus and the Person who has realized the purpose of creation
Lecture 19   [Christology] Fallen Human and Jesus Rebirth and (the Holy) Trinity
Lecture 20   [Restoration] The Principle of Restoration Through Indemnity
Lecture 21   [Restoration] The Foundation for the Messiah
Lecture 22   [Restoration] The providence in Adam family
Lecture 23   [Restoration] The return of providence centered on Noah's Family
Lecture 24   [Restoration] The Providence Centered on Abraham Family
Lecture 25   [Restoration] The Providence Centered on Abraham Family 2
Lecture 26 [Restoration] The Providence Centered on Abraham’s Family
Lecture 27 [Restoration] The Model Course for Separating fro
Lecture 28 [Moses and Jesus 2] The First National Course
Lecture 29 [Moses and Jesus 3] The Second National Course
Lecture 30 [Moses and Jesus 4] The Second National Course
Lecture 31 [Moses and Jesus 5] The third journey of return
Lecture 32 [Moses and Jesus 6] The first worldwide journey
Lecture 33 [Moses and Jesus 6] The second worldwide journey
Lecture 34 [Moses and Jesus 8] The Third Worldwide Course
Lecture 35 [Restoration] Time in Providential History
Lecture 36 [Restoration] Parallel Periods in Providential History
Lecture 37 [Restoration] Preparation for the Second Advent
Lecture 38-1 [Restoration] The Cause of the Great World Wars
Lecture 38-2 [Restoration] The Cause of the Great World Wars
Lecture 39 [Second Coming 1] When and How will Christ Return
Lecture 40-1 [Second Coming 2] Where will Christ Return
Lecture 40-2 [Second Coming 2] Where will Christ Return